Seven Reasons Why Bathroom Remodeling

To go here and here are backgrounder but other than that I’m done Spent today finishing these cabinets shelves whatever they’re adjustable basically it’s a quarter inch hole and then you put these shelf stoppers inhere so those are adjustable as planned this switch activates the rope lighting up in there so I can’t wait to see it at night should be pretty nice and stop by Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday got some towels a little bit of decor origin an espresso or Java color matches pretty nicely.

so seven weeks all don eyes yeas happy with a new bathroom yeah it’s a quick tip when you’re taking removing one of these door systems is you need to understand how it was installed so basically going to track on each side on the bottom these two are screwed in place this is silicone in place and this one well that’s just gravity up here holding this together you need to be really careful you’re not going to have an accident so basically this is like a closet door the wheels are just hanging on the top track here we go and then and this is the dangerous part they can all come off together in a lot of cases that top.

Rail should be bathroom remodel diy silicone in place so that it’s a little safer but can you imagine just having a shower one day if you’re a tall person in your lose your step you hit that the doors go flying everywhere I’d be horrible so I’m surprised it didn’t silicone this in but that’s really all there is to it so just take the screws pull the rest this rail off and then we can just cut this your.

shower unit in half and pull it out of here so I’m going to demonstrate real quick an effective way to remove the trim off of a door or a window and this is easy so basically you’ve got a couple of Brad nails most likely in here it’s.

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