Reasons To Remodeling Your Bathroom

You’re doing this at the homeowners request because they don’t want to spend the extra money they don’t have it most of the time to replace all of the pipes or to replace a certain amount of pipes to make everything work How to Plan a Bathroom Remodeling.

So keep this in mind when designing your project another thought that I had and this is you know kind of something that is going to going to affect people with older homes is that let’s just say that you’re remodeling your bathroom and you do everything and it looks nice and then you find out a few years later that the pipes need to be replaced and then you need to remove a portion of the bathroom or remove the entire thing.

You know this would include removing the bathtub toilet stuff like that in order to get the plumbing redone so if you are working on a project on an older home it wouldn’t be a bad idea to actually consider removing and replacing the pipes underneath the bathtub.

I’m sorry the bathroom so that you don’t need to tear all this up again so again this is something I don’t really hear a lot of but this could become a big problem in the future and you know it really is it’s common a lot of people just go in and they replace the cosmetic stuff the stuff.

You can see bathtub toilets stuff like that but it’s the stuff that’under the under the foundation it’s underneath the floor framing that could be a problem and again if it’s floor framing you can have easy access to it this wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it would be if you were dealing with a concrete foundation tip number eight.

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