Awesome Tips About Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey

So you have a small one and a large onecat’s paw kind of a mini crowbar plusgood for pulling out nails gettingleverage and then I have a sled hammerthat I used primarily use that fordestroying the fiberglass tub breakingit into bits but with that and everything else Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey.

The absolute mostimportant piece of equipment that I usefor pretty much everything is my safetyglasses there’s been in the past coupledays six seven eight different timeswhen something literally flew and hitthe glasses dead-on and saved my eyesgloves and then a mask a couple times I wore this mask.

When I was a lot of dustin the air a second most important pieceof equipment is this coffeeokay so here’s the new wiring here’swhere the light switches for wires forfor switchesruns along here replace the old one plusadded a bunch.

You can see kind of they just meet right here sort of ajunction box will be here ceiling lightelectrical outlet BAM installed the fanand the outer duct vent so there are thewires that powers that this will be the wire that powers the recessed lighthere’s the ground wire.

I installedjust clamping it onto this I used a kindof a sander to get the black paint offof this iron so hopefully that groundsit I don’t see why I wouldn’tnone of this stuff in here was groundedhere’s the power wire.

I have a cappedand it runs from down there so hot andneutral and ground and all these willcome together in a junction box Idecided to run an additional outlet toright about here and that will be for alighted vanityelectrical box ago here and here andprobably here as far as for the light cabinet up.

There alright so electrical is now done just massive tangle of wires here but everything is working nowso the GFCI outlet is working as well asthis one there’s a powered outlet but on a switchand, this one’s on the same switch or recessed light or cabinet lighting Bathroom Remodel and Renovation.

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